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posted 6 months ago

Tonight was more than we could have ever asked for. Thank you, endlessly to every single person who has ever even remotely come in contact with us. We love you all so much. 

Thank you for everything.

posted 1 year ago

themonsteribecame: Will you guys still sell merch online? I really want to get a patch and pins but I don't have the money too at the moment.

after the last show, we’ll be putting leftovers up and i’m sure we’ll have plenty of patches and pins left. 

posted 1 year ago

Our friend Matt from North Carolina got this done!
Our last show as a band
Songs That Are Important To Me - Heirloom by Steady Hands


This is a special one because it’s in honor of a band that just announced a soon-to-come breakup. Steady Hands were around for two and a half years, and I’ve only got six songs by them on my Zune. But damn if those aren’t six of the most emotional songs I’ve ever heard. I will proudly list them as one of my favorite  bands because they were able to move in such an impressive way. In this song the singer says “And I’d rather feel the hatred then not feel a thing at all.” Steady Hands was able to tap into feelings of isolation and anger and loss, and it let me face these emotions with a fire brought on by their incredible music. Thank you.

posted 1 year ago

themonsteribecame: Good luck to all of you in your future bands or whatever you guys do. I'll always support you all, and will forever listen to Steady Hands. It sucks that I never got to see you, though. Thanks for all the music. <3

Thanks a ton man, we really appreciate this!

posted 1 year ago

In summation; we are breaking up.Our final show will be on August 24th.Thank you.

Come out to this!

Alex Gaspar, Steady Hands